Think the Cost of Solar is Through the Roof?

Think Again

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  • Federal tax credit.
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Go solar for no money down .

  • No money down or upfront.
  • Save money instantly.
  • Performance guaranteed.
  • Lock in your rates.
  • Easily transferable.
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Solar & Roofing Services in Southern California

See how we’re working to transform the world of energy and deliver clean, affordable energy to people everywhere. Generation 819 delivers the best in home solar installations throughout San Diego, Riverside and Orange County.

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Generation 819 provides solar installations for customers who purchase their systems and for customers who enter power purchase agreements with companies like SunPower, SunRun & more. We don't outsource or subcontract our installations. We install using the best practices up to California code and engineer our systems using cutting edge solar products and financing programs.

Marcus Maedl President
Generation 819

Our Work

Check out some images of real work we've done throughout Southern California. See some of the solar installations we've done as well as some roofs we've worked on.

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